Welcome to the thrilling world of motorsports! If you love adventure and feel your adrenaline level hiking whenever you hear the sound of a throbbing engine, you have come to the right place!

Racing competitions

Here you will learn all about the various types of motor sports and about the different types of motorsport gear. You will learn about motorcycles, ATVs and power sports, Dirt bikes and motocross, car racing, car racing competitions like NASCAR and Formula 1, kart racing, truck racing (yes, that’s right truck racing) and many more. When it comes to races there is no possible vehicle that can be excluded from the search for speed. Some unique types of races include motorboat racing, snowmobile racing, tractor pulling, air racing and many more, all loved by dedicated motorsport fans.

Motorcycles and Co.

If motorcycles are your passion, you can find out all about motorcycle racing, different types of motorcycles, motorcycle trials and of course for the off road fans you can explore the world of dirt bikes and freestyle motocross. Whether you are jumping indoor obstacles in motocross or jumping over hills or snow with an ATV, the adventure is all powered up when you include these power vehicles into a race!

Car racing

Car racing is the most popular type of motor sports and it has races fit for all the fans and racing drivers out there. From the worldwide famous NASCAR and F1 competitions that have almost 100 million viewers combined to sports car racing, these high octane sports all involve power engines that are all about providing more and more speed. From special constructors to record breaking racing drivers, the auto racing industry keeps testing the limits of human ingenuity when it comes to speed and power. From record breaking to law breaking, street racing competitions like quarter mile or drifting races are also worldwide loved motorsports.

Karting and truck racing

If you love formula one-type races, but think you are not quite Michael Schumacher material, karting is the motorsport for you. From amusement park karts to super racing karts, kart racing has many options for all types and all ages out there. You can take also your little one to take kart racing lessons beginning at the age of 5!

If low profile open wheel vehicles aren’t your type you can go for the massive truck races, one growing motorsport especially popular in the United States. Also considered the motorized version of wrestling, truck races add a new flavor to motorsports: heavy massive power that can be geared towards even more adrenaline.

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