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ATV Racing Powersports

A subcategory of motorsports, powersports are defined by focus on the use and power of an engine.

Powersport vehicles are all characterized by the way they are used: the rider usually mounts the powersport vehicle and controls the movement and the direction of the vehicle through handle bars.


The most popular powersports vehicle is the ATV, the all-terrain vehicle, a typical powersport vehicle with a seat that is straddled by the rider who uses handlebars for steering the vehicle. Unlike motorcycles, ATVs usually have three or four wheels and some models can have even 6 wheels making them very stable vehicles, fit for all types of terrain. Heavy Duty ATVs are 4×4 ATVs, fit for rough, off road terrain, either in a dusty dessert-like environment or on icy thick snow.

Most ATV dealers in the US sell ATVs that have engine sizes ranging from 49 up to 100 cc, according to the type of function the ATV is fit to perform. If you want to power up your ATV and you can’t afford to buy a new ATV from the many specialized dealers out there, ATV performance parts are the key! ATV parts and accessories are sold in specialized stores or online and they will become valuable parts for enhancing or customizing your ATV at a lower cost.

ATV racing

Although they are not street legal within the United States (Australia and Canada as well), you can enjoy ATV racing by joining one of the many quad racing clubs. Internationally, the largest ATV competition is the famous Dakar Rally that has a special class dedicated to ATV racing only. The Dakar Rally is famous for being one of the hardest motor sports competitions in the world, as it covers more than 5000 miles on all sorts of terrain, in more than 15 days. The endurance aspect of this race is powered up by the fact that most of the race takes place in the Saharan Dessert where the temperature can reach over 130 degrees.