Car Racing

Car racing, one the world’s most watched television motorsports, first took place in 1887 in France. Involving very few competitors and running on short distances, races evolved dramatically and became a diversified adrenaline sport. The first auto racing competition in the US took place on a more than 50 mile course in which the winner finished the race in 10 hours and 23 minutes.

Sports car racing

From the late 19th century to the present time race cars have been radically transformed into becoming fast powerful adrenaline building vehicles. Sports car races are , with the exception of F1 carts, one of the most popular types of car races today. Two classes of sports cars, production versions of sports cars and sports prototype cars compete on a closed circuit track. The race usually covers long distances, of more than 600 miles and that is why competing teams consist of two or three drivers that alternate their driving every few hours. Some of the well known sports car races are: 24 Hrs of Daytona (hosted on the most famous motorsport speedway in the US), 24 Hours of Le Mans and the very famous 1,000 mile long Petite Le Mans that is organized at Road Atlanta.
If you can’t afford to compete in championship racing, you can buy a sports car racing simulator such as the GTR or F1 challenge that attempts to re-create the real world atmosphere and effects of sports car racing.

F1 cars

Unique types of racing cars, F1 cars, are built by the actual teams competing. They are low profile cars specially designed with an open cockpit, open wheels and have front and rear wings. They follow the FIA special regulations in regards to the type of engine and construction design. Their most impressive feature is that they can get from 0 to 100 mph and back to 0 in less than 5 seconds and they can take corners at very high speeds. You can find out all about Formula 1 in by clicking on the above “Formula 1″ tab.

Street Racing

A popular form of racing is street racing, an illegal type of auto racing. The racing tracks are the actual public roads, making this type of race to be considered an endangerment to road safety. Spontaneous or planned in advanced by street racing groups, these races can take place in various forms. One of the most popular is drag racing, where two or more competitors compete in a short distance, usually a quarter mile and the winner is the one who reaches the end line first. The second type is drifting, a race held on wavy and narrow mountain roads that has gained a lot of popularity especially in Japan.