Dirt bikes & Motocross

Dirt Bikes and Motocross Dirt bikes

For the off road motorcycles fans, dirt bikes are your perfect match! Designed for off road use, dirt bikes normally differ from motorcycles by having smaller engines and larger wheels with knobby tires. They vary in their structure and bodywork according to the off road motorcycle sports they are fit for.


One of the most popular off road motorcycle sport is motocross. It is basically a race over jumps, which takes place on a closed circuit. The race starts with all the riders alongside each other the winner is the rider who comes in first across the line. On most circuits, jumps will cause bikes to get airborne adding more adrenaline to an already fast and adventurous sport. Because of this, the bikes for motocross are customized to have small fuel capacity and a complex suspension system to ensure they will perform well while jumping and “landing” at high speeds.

History of Motocross

Moto cross started primarily in Western Europe in the mid 1950s and as the term points out, it is a mix of “motorcycles” and “cross country”. Motocross was first introduced to the US in late 60s and it shortly gained a lot of popularity with the public, even if American riders at first barely finished in the top 10. It took a little bit more than a decade but in 1973 it was the first time when an American driver won the world motocross championship. Today, the American Motorcyclist Association (AMA) organizes the second largest motocross competition in the world. They are the largest organizer of motocross competitions and if you are one of the big motocross fans, you can check out their website for the motocross schedules and tickets to all the motocross races.


After falling in love with motocross, Americans created supercross, a powered up version of motocross. Although it involves the same type of equipment and the same type of riders, the main difference lays in the fact that races are shorter and focus more on bigger jumps and most often will also include obstacle jumps. In this way supercross will require riders to master timing and be precise in mastering the motorcycles. Being an adrenaline sport, watched and loved by many, super cross has become the 2 most watched motorsport in the US, and it is expanding worldwide by attracting more and more fans.

Freestyle Motocross

Adding a more edgy adrenaline rush than supercross, freestyle motocross focuses only on stunts and complex jumps that riders perform in front of a judge. Amazing stunts like the very much attempted “Back flip” impress the audience by building more suspense with each stunt they perform. The edgy character is compensated by more safety equipment like body armors and special helmets that riders use while competing.