Formula 1

Formula OneF1

Formula one, also known as F1 or Formula1, is the largest and most popular auto racing competition in the world.

It is sanctioned by the FIA – Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile and it the most “regulated” auto racing competition in the world. The important focus on the compliance with all these regulations is reflected in the actual name of the racing competition:”Formula” 1.

F1 History

Based on the Europe Grand Prix Motor Racing, the “formula” was a combined set of regulations various racing organization put together and became a formal World Driver’s Championship in 1947. Today it has grown to be the most viewed motorsport competition in the world, viewed by more than 55 million people worldwide and also because of its huge costs it has become the most expensive sports in the world.

F1 Racing

The racing competition consists of 18 races, called Grand Prixs, which are held on a variety of locations: from custom built circuits to closed public city roads. The unique aspect of this championship is that it is a competition between drivers and also one between constructors. The title of World Champion is awarded to the racing pilot with the best winning record and also one World Champion title goes to the best constructor of the season. Half of the races are based in Europe but there are also Grand Prixs held in Asia, Latin America and the Middle East. One of the most famous Grad Prpix is the Monaco Formula 1 Grandprix, where all downtown Monaco is closed for a mind blowing race on narrow and wavy streets.

F1 Cars

F1 cars are built by the constructor teams competing in the race and they are the fastest cars in any auto racing competition. They reach speeds that range up to 200mph and in turning points, the cars and pilots undergo forces up to 5G. The massive R & D that goes in building these cars is the leading factor of their increased performance, which keeps growing every new season. Their open wheels and open cockpit design together with front and back wings provide the aerodynamic character, which is enhanced by complex engineering, all to provide a more powerful and faster car every year. Among the most famous constructors, Ferrari has the most World Champion titles, closely followed by McLaren Mercedes, f1 Williams BMW and many others.

Record breaking

A worldwide famous record breaking team is Ferrari that together with Michael Schumacher won 5 consecutive drivers’ championships and 6 consecutive constructor championships. After 16 years of racing he then retired in 2006 when a new record was set: Renault’s driver Fernando Alonso was the youngest racing pilot in F1 history to have won the Formula One Championship.