Motorsports Gear

Out of such a wide variety of motorsports, each one has its own customized gear that completes the sport and allows it to be safe and thrilling at the same time.

Motorcycle gear

The largest category of motorsport gear is motorcycle gear. From leather jackets, helmets and racing gloves, to body armor and other protective gear, motorcycle gear is essential for both professional motorcycle racers and passionate motorcycle riders. Produced by various manufacturers they will come in all possible styles to fit any taste. According to each riding style from the sport touring, race track riding to adventure touring the gear is customized to ensure the safety and comfort level needed.

Auto racing gear

For auto racing competitions like the NASCAR or Formula1 the safety concerns trump the design features for the racing gear. The pilot racing suits are normally manufactured by the constructor teams and they are made to be resistant to fire and also protect the pilot in collisions. Advanced technology and research goes into the manufacturing of these costumes in order to ensure the maximum protection possible for the pilots in times of major crashes, fires or explosions.

Racing tires

One large industry that provides the most expensive car racing accessory is the tire industry. Making custom race tires for either open wheel vehicles, stock cars or trucks, many top manufacturers invest in the newest technology to develop performance enhancing tires. For sports car racing, the racing harness together with racing tires are key accessories for insuring more safety for the drivers. To provide the custom support and comfort for sports car race drivers, racing shoes are also a must in terms of motorsport gear.

If you are a motorsport licensed competitor or just a fan, there are many ways in which you can buy motorsport gear. From brand name stores to online distributors, there is a large pool of options available to satisfy most types of budgets.