The National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing (NASCAR) is the largest governing organization that sanctions competitions in the United States. Stock cars races, unlike open wheel races (like the Formula 1 race) are mainly organized on an oval track that can measure up to 2.66 miles. NASCAR organizes three major racing series: The Sprint Cup – the premier series of stock car racing, The Nationwide Series and The Camping World Truck series and it also oversees various regional NASCAR racing competitions.

NASCAR History

Starting as a regional, southeastern sport focused more on entertainment, NASCAR is one of the most viewed professional sports in the US and it is only surpassed by the NFL in terms of fans and viewers. NASCAR has its main headquarters in Daytona Beach, Florida but it also has numerous other offices, regional and international, all over the United States and also Mexico and Canada.
Chosen to replace the French and Belgian locations for racing, Daytona Beach became popular in the early 30s as the top location for setting land speed records, having set more than 15 world speed record by the year of 1935. Now it has grown to be the home of the second richest motorsport in the world (defeated only by Formula 1) broadcasted in more than 150 countries.

NASCAR racing

Races are organized on oval tracks that are grouped into three categories according to their length: “short tracks”- the ones that have less than 1 mile, “speedway” -1 to 2 miles long or “superspeedway” – more than 2 miles long. Unlike other sports, the NASCAR race schedule is one of the lengthiest motorsports schedules; the Sprint Race Cup alone is comprised of 36 races (unlike 18 for Formula 1) that span on a period of more than 10 months. One of the most famous NASCAR races is the Daytona 500, held at the Daytona International Speedway (one of the most prestigious motorsports speedway in the world) in Daytona Beach and it is a 200 lap, 500 miles long race. Considered as the “Super Bowl of Stock Car racing” Daytona 500 is one of the most viewed sports events in the US, with more than 20 million TV viewers.

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