Truck Racing

Truck RacingTruck Racing

One unique type of motorsport that may impress a lot of people is truck racing. This is a form of motor racing which involves modified versions of trucks that compete on custom built circuits. This type of motorsport is relatively new compared to the other types, as it was started around the 1980s in Europe. The maximum race speed that can be achieved is limited to 100mph. Because of the massive weights trucks can have, the weight limit that has been imposed is 5.5 tons.

Types of truck racing

Trucks can compete in various classes and types of races from Monster truck racing to Diesel truck racing or Semi truck racing. All categories make sure each type of truck is matching the weight and speed limits specific to that category. For this type of motorsport, these categories are crucial in ensuring that all trucks comply with specific regulations that will minimize possible injuries. Safety is one major concern in truck races. Because of the massive trucks and their closeness, injuries can occur. For these reasons each truck racing association, local or national has through regulation that make sure race trucks have the same components as the regular trucks.

Monster trucks

One impressive type of truck racing is monster truck racing. Mostly popular in the US, monster trucks are styled up pick-up trucks that are modified to have very large and wide wheels especially built to offer a strong suspension system. Apart from races, monster trucks also take part in “monster shows” where they wreck smaller cars or any obstacle under their tires, all in front of massive crowds of people gathered to see these shows for entertainment purposes only. These shows have made this sports be considered a motorized version of wrestling. The modern racing monster trucks have actually a smaller size than regular styled up pick-up trucks and have a design that lays somewhere in between an ATV and a truck.


Considered one of the entertainment- type sports, truck racing is very popular in the US. The NASCAR truck race, the NASCAR World Camping Tour series, a pick-up truck race series attracts a large crowd of fans and TV viewers every season. If you are all about the massive character of trucks but also enjoy the thrill of speed truck racing is your match!